Italian American artist Lauretti´s work juxtaposes materials to reveal tensions—between the natural and the man-made, the city and suburbia, class and culture—creating a record of our desires, obsessions, and excesses. Twentieth-century art movements such as Assemblage, Surrealism, and Arte Povera are revisited and updated by the artist highlighting his capacity to express humor, poetry, and greatness through humble means. His approach illustrates the characteristic strengths—and, at times, the principal weakness—of arts traditions..
In his work, Lauretti does something riskier and more paradoxical, entering the spirit of perception as if to know it from the inside. He retains something youthful yet knowing. Crucially it is this swirling inner contradiction that visually shows how successful his work is at dealing with the human condition. Contradiction is Lauretti´s way of showing the unavailability of certainty about anything, specifically the human relationships. The result is an art stripped bare, and with an overture so bold and rich, it is hard not to be lured in..
Ita´ ´In the art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire ´ ´ Ralph Waldo Emerson.
A biography is a detailed description or account of someone ´s life. This is not my biography but a mere introduction of myself. I am an artist. My name is Matthew Lauretti and I was born in Connecticut. My mother moved to the US as a young adult and married a Connecticut resident. As many struggles occur in life, they divorced. My brave mother, who I thank for much of my inspiration, moved home to Italy where I began my adolescence and adulthood. I studied hard and dreamt big. At a very young age I began to paint. I found great interest in different fabrics and materials. Through these substances I began to depict various emotions and sybolism to highlight my photography work and my own creations. My work descrive my passion, my curiosity, my life. Today, I live in New York where I always been at home.
2011 November 17 GMHC ´s Fashion Forward Luxury Silent and Live Auction
2011 September 1-15 Ward Nasse Gallery Soho, New York NY
2011 February 1-28 Art Goes on Vacation solo exhibition
The Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY
2010 October 16-30 ´ ´Subtle Arrangements ´ ´ Group Project Curated by Basak Malone Gelabert Gallery, New York, NY
2010 August 3 - August 28 Matthew Lauretti a Solo exhibition at Ward-Nasse Gallery Soho, New York, NY
2009 December 5th - December 13th Biennale di Firenze at Fortezza da Basso
2009 November 11 solo exhibition at Steinway Hall, New York City
2009 October 31 solo exhibition at Danny Kaye Theatre, Hunter College, NYC
2009 June 7th to November 22 Works on Paper, A global Perspective at THE NY ARTS VENICE PAVILION. Consorzio Cantieristica MinoreVeneziana at Giudecca Island Venice Italy.
2009 March Solo exhibition Broadway Gallery New York
2009 March Arka Art Gallery St.Petersbourg Russia
2008 EOAF Vienna Austria May
2008 April May Nike 1/1 partecipate to the competition 2008 March Co-Lab with Back-Door for Nike Bologna Italy
2008 February Galerie Etienne de Causans Paris France
2007 October Galleria 18 Personal exhibit Bologna Italy
2007 Jannuary Galeria 18 ´´MIRRORS´´ Bologna Italy
2006 November Arte Fiera Reggio Emilia
2006 August FIASCO Perth Australia
2006 July Charity Event Bardolino Italy
2005 September EN SOF Gallery Bologna Italy
2005 November ´MMML´€¯ EN SOF Gallery Bologna Italy
2001 June Malta Biennale
1998 June Le Stanze Bologna Italy